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Why Kotbari?

When a outsider tell that- " Really Kotbari is a beautiful place to live &amp; you are lucky." Truly i feel proud to be a person from Kotbari. Peoples who live outside of Comilla, they only can realise my feelings. Each &amp; every year specially in winter we have to give guideline to lot of peoples who visit Kotbari. Why Kotbari?<br> """"""""""""""""""""" * Want to visit a place near Dhaka? * Just 1 Day, thinking about mind freshness * Big family, need safety; mind blowing place but where? * We are friends. need lower cost rate and have to full with fun?? * office trip, 100 / 1000 persons?<br> * Educational study tour. But...? * Need a historical place to stay 2/3 days for research purpose, place? * we are Newly married couple . Need a romantic place covered by green; small hills with fog. where? For above questions, my only one solution : Kotbar, Comilla. Places to visit in kotbari: - Buddha Bihar - Salban Museum - Buddha Learning institute - BARD ( Need permission / Reference? - Itakhula Bihar - Rupbban Bihar - Blue Water Park - Beauty of Mind blowing Nature. - Comilla University</font>; History of Salban Vihara ( Bihar): """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""< Before 1200 years ago the King Bhava Deva, the fourth ruler of the Early-Deva dynasty built that place on 168 square meters of ground. It was the royal palace for the early Buddhist students. This site, previously called Shalban Rajar Bari, came out after archaeological excavation as a Buddhist monastery and hence termed as Salban vihara from the terracotta seals and copper plates discovered. Its original name is supposed to have been Bhava Deva Mahavihara after the 4th king of the early Deva dynasty which ruled this region from the mid-7th to mid-8th centuries AD. It was built in or on the outskirts of Devaparvata, the Samatata capital bordering the Lalambi forest. (wiki) How to go """""""""""""""""' Just leave your home and I am sure you will reach your destiny without fail. <*** If need any help just post a msg on group's message box. This topic is written for a competition organized by BPC about " Historical Place s as a tourist spot of Bangladesh.