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Explore Cumilla and its beauty

The city of Cumilla is located in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh, in the Cumilla District. A stone throw away from the Indian Border, this spectacular city has a legacy and history left behind by Mughal emperors, and the residents of Cumilla are a multi ethnic blend, where it is a common sight to see people with either hazel or green eyes. It is city with a simple and uncomplicated lifestyle. The biggest industry in Cumilla is the communications network which is responsible for the communications in the eastern regions of Bangladesh. Cumilla also has a food transportation network and is a destination that can easily be reached from cities such as Dhaka by bus or train.Trucks regularly pass through Cumilla to fetch and deliver supplies and goods. But there is more to the city than just industry and a farming community; in and around the city are many attractions and noteworthy sights to visit.As a vital regional craft market, visitors will be able to find an abundance of cane baskets, cloth, bamboo and other craft items. All through the city are water tanks, and there are approximately four hundred which have historic value. One of the water tanks, known as the Dharma Sagar, dates back to the fifteenth century. Other sights of interest include the army barracks and the commemorative cemetery, where unknown solders of the Second World War are remembered. Within the Mainamati-Lalmai mountain range lies over fifty Buddhist settlements that were constructed between the eighth and twelfth centuries.The Salban Vihara settlement has 115 cells that were constructed with a massive courtyard in the middle. Near Salban Vihara is the settlement of Kotila Mura. The three stupas that are found here are represent Sangha, Buddha and Dharma. The Charpatra Mura shrine is also worth the visit. Include a trip to the Mainamati Site Museum that boasts a magnificent collection of ancient coins, sculptures, stupas and terracotta plaques. Over and above the Buddhist attractions, visitors are recommended to take time out to explore the Cumilla Maheshangon Library that is home to the largest collection of old literature. The Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development is also popular with tourists, as is the Shalban Monastery and the Cumilla Zoo.Cumilla is a city full of surprises. With a rich history and fascinating culture, visitors will be spellbound at the beauty of the landscapes and intrigued by the vast amount of fascinating attractions and sights. It is a destination in Bangladesh that is waiting to be discovered.Visit Cumilla and stay safely Hotel Victory Abashik a luxurious and comfortable hotel in a reasonable price. The hotel is located in the heart of the city Kandirpar, near the historical Victoria College.